Two local women are working to help domestic violence

October is domestic violence awareness month. Family Support Services in Amarillo said domestic violence is an epidemic. There were almost 600 calls made to the crisis line at Family Support Services regarding family violence in 2012.

One in four homes experiences domestic violence.

â??My daughter was murdered by her husband in 1994,â?? said Jackie Bolden, legal advocate at Family Support Services.

It was this tragic even that pushed Bolden to dedicate her time to helping others that are going through the same thing.

â??Hopefully, I might provide them a little bit of information that helps the people â?¦ deal with the things our family has dealt with,â?? Bolden said.

Family Support Services offers counseling and crisis support for people that are facing violence or other challenges in their lives.

Among the ways people cope with the hardships of grief or violence is through literature.

Dena Dyer coauthored a book called â??The Wounded Women of the Bible.â??

She wrote it with the hope that it would offer spiritual help to those in need.

â??In each chapter we profile a woman in the bible whose been wounded in some way. and we also,.. we've gotten stories from all different kinds of today's women with those same kinds of wounds,â?? Dyer said.

As a pastorâ??s wife, Bolden said she has talked to many women about challenges they face.

"One of the themes we kept coming up against is they were hurt. They couldnâ??t move past the hurt. We wanted something that would help women to get from that place of wounded-ness to healing,â?? Bolden said.