Two arrested in Amarillo's latest homicide investigation

Two people are behind bars after being arrested in a homicide investigation. Amarillo Police on Saturday issued two murder warrants for 23-year old Leslie Anne Wiseman and 23-year old Laney Paul Chambers in the death of 51-year old Ricky Glen Provence. Amarillo Special Crimes Unit say they have some preliminary autopsy results, but have not released Provence's cause of death. You'll recall, Amarillo Police were dispatched to 1508 S. Jefferson on Tuesday, July 5th to meet family members on a deceased person inside of an apartment they had located after forcing their way inside. When officers arrived they found Pronvence's body. Officers say they observed things inside of the apartment that made them feel that the death was suspicious, so they called in the Special Crimes Unit. Pronews 7 will keep you posted as we learn mor