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      Turn Center turns miracles for one Amarillo family

      C her yl S chmitt has a lot to be thankful for this year, in particular she said the A marillo Turn Center is one of her many blessings. Her daughter Melody has made tremendous leaps in her life, leaps a lot of her doctors said she'd never make.

      " O h my gosh, for her, she's known with her doctors, nurses and therapists, " Schmitt said. "S o she ' s a miracle baby because when she was really really really tiny, they didn't know if she was going to be okay. "

      M elody lives with Kabuki Syndrome which affects her intellectual abilities as well as her physical state. She visits the center often, learning things that come easy to most, but to Melody these tasks are a challenge.

      " T hey've been helping her with everything from learning how to eat ," Schmitt said. "T hen she had to learn basically how to swallow, but we've learned how to eat and drink , and we're learning how to talk."

      B ut for the day, Melody took a break from letters and numbers to spend it with a special visitor.

      Development Director Monica Kuhn said, "Breakfast with Santa every year at the Turn Center is something that many of the children that we see in the schools with special needs can enjoy."

      Every Christmas the center makes sure each child leaves with at least one gift, in addition to the gifts of services they receive everyday.

      " O ur mission is to provide therapy services while installing hope in these families that we serve. Our goal is to turn no child away," Kuhn said.

      I n Melody's case, her mission is one challenge at a time.