Tumbleweeds invade Clovis

Tumbleweeds surround a house in Clovis New Mexico.

The tumbleweeds piled so high in places in Clovis, New Mexico, that people couldn't see out their windows. Some were even barricaded inside their homes.

Military members from Cannon Air Force Base had to dig some residents that were buried under the thorny weeds.

The invasion can be attributed to the continuing drought conditions and the high winds, according to Pronews 7's Chief Meteorologist Steve Kersh.

"[We] had a big blizzard in February, had a decent amount of rain fall in spring and summer, so that helped crops grow. Then we hit a dry spell in the fall and the winter months," Kersh said.

"Now we got big, tall tumbleweeds and a lot of wind blowing around and of course that makes the situation even worse."

The weeds have snarled fence lines and covered roads creating driving hazards within the city and along county roads.

Tumbleweeds grow in ungrazed pasture land. According to agri-life extension expert Rick Auckerman, there are ways to prevent an outbreak such as this one,.

"There are a lot of different ways, most people think about is chemical control," Auckerman said.

With the current weather conditions, there may not be much hope for immediate relief.

"The good news is for the next 7 to 10 days, we'll have breezy conditionsâ?¦not as windy as we have seen lately," Kersh said.

"Hopefully we get a break from the tumbleweeds. Still, the 15 to 25 mph wind we're expecting for a couple of days next week, there maybe a couple rumbling around, so they won't be gone entirely."