Tulia City Manager, Aaron Smith, resigns

The Tulia City Commission announced Tuesday Night that City Manager, Aaron Smith has accepted another job in another city.

He was not present at the Commission meeting.

Commissioners said he had a family emergency.

The Meeting was standing room only, more than 50, packed primarily with family, friends and supporters of former Police Chief Jim McCaslin.

Smith had fired McCaslin in May, but McCaslinâ??s supporters say the Police Chief was never told why.

The Commission explained they could not hire or fire a Police Chief, only the City Manager could do that.

Lance McCaslin, the Chiefâ??s son says his father was "never verbally reprimanded. Heâ??s never been written up. He has nothing on his record."

Shannon McCaslin, the Chiefâ??s daughter-in-law says sheâ??s thrilled Smith is leaving. "Right. I think itâ??s funny how he suddenly got a new job."