Tucumcari Murder Trial Delayed

The murder trial of a man accused of using a hammer to kill a woman has been delayed pending a psychological exam.

Randall Jones is accused of using a hammer to bludgeon to death, Shirley Pacheco, in July of 2011, in Tucumcari, NM.

The murder trial is set to begin September 23, and was to last two weeks.

The defense for Jones called for a Dr. Linda LaGrange to testify about the mental state of the accused at the time of the murder.

Prosecuting attorneys argued against the use of Dr. LaGrange saying she lacked the qualifications to determine the mind set of Jones.

"I am frustrated with the delay in the trial in this matter. We are ready to present this case to a jury, have justice served and bring some sense of closure to Shirley's family." said Tenth Judical District Attorney Tim Rose.

The defense argued that they needed more time to get a fair trial and District Judge Steven Quinn granted the delay to begin.

It is not known at the time how long a continuance was granted and when the trial will resume.