Tucumcari dog owners required to register dangerous dogs

Tucumcari City Commissioners passed new requirements for dogs considered to be dangerous.

The ordinance was passed unanimously last Thursday requiring dog owners to register dangerous dogs with the city.

â??Weâ??re not trying to punish anyone for owning a dog thatâ??s just protecting its home or its environment,â?? said Deputy Chief Peter Rivera of the Tucumcari Police Department. â??Itâ??s basically to make sure that they take care of them and they register them properly.â??

The new ordinance puts the city in compliance with the New Mexico state current Dangerous Dog Act.

There are eight conditions that the owner of the dangerous dog must meet in order to register the dog in the city that include:

- The owner is able to keep the dog under control at all times

- A license, if applicable has been issues pursuant to city requirements

- The dog has a current rabies vaccination

- The owner has a proper enclosure for the dog

- The owner pays an annual fee of $100 to register a potentially dangerous dog

- The dog has been spayed and neutered

- The dog has been implanted with a microchip containing owner identification information that is also provided to the animal control authority

- The owner has entered the dog in a socialization and behavior program approved or offered by the animal control authority

Dog owners can register their dog with animal control. Animal control officers have been ready to help enforce the new requirements.

â??Our animal control officers have been doing this quite well for several years now so it shouldnâ??t be too much different,â?? said Rivera. â??Theyâ??re going to have to make sure these dogs are taken care of and follow up with the people to make sure that they have the proper enclosures and the proper paperwork and then guide them through where they need to go to get this done.â??

The ordinance will not go into effect until June 10


, 5 days after the notice of adoption was made public.

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