TSA officials see more prohibited items at checkpoint during the summer

TSA officials see more prohibited items at checkpoint during the summer

The Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, at the Amarilloâ??s Rick Husband International Airport said they see an increased number of prohibited items during peak times of travel.

According to the Assistant Federal Security Director for Screening in Amarillo, Jeff McCutchen, the airport currently has about hundred pounds and half a dozen bins of prohibited items.

â??The prohibited items include knives, scissors, some tools, liquids, and gels,â?? McCutchen said.

He said a lot of people may forget about packing these items , or they just didnâ??t know they are prohibited.

McCutchen said while prohibited items will not pass security, TSA doesnâ??t confiscate items, and flyers have some options.

â??You can check it in, take it to your car. If someone is seeing you off, you can give it to them or voluntarily leave it with us," McCutchen said.

He also said most items given up to TSA are handed over to the State Surplus Property Agency.

While McCutchen said prohibited items are easier to deal with, Illegal items like firearms and guns require immediate action and may cost the flyer a hefty price.

â??Bringing a firearm to a checkpoint will result in a referral to law enforcement in a civil penalty of up to 11 thousand dollars," McCutchen said.

Amarillo Airport Police would then step in, and start an investigation if needed.

â??We would ask the passenger to give a statement, then we would read them their rights. We could go into a criminal investigation to determine if they were intentionally reckless with criminal negligence in possessing that item, and do a criminal investigation,â?? Amarillo Airport Police Commander Greg Daniel said.

Daniel also said they would have to determine whether the violation is a state or federal violation, to which they would then call the FBI.

Rick Husbandâ??s International Airport has a page on their website for passengers listing prohibited and illegal items.