Trying to pay for college?

Right now about a third of Amarillo College Students receive scholarships.

Tracy Dougherty of the Amarillo College Foundation says, "Weâ??d like to be able to help more and part of that is getting the word out about the scholarships that are available."

At West Texas A&M, both the external and internal scholarships add up to about five and a half million dollars.ã?? But they say itâ??s important toã?? research early if you want to get one.ã?? Velma Perez of WTAMU Scholarships Services says, "Itâ??s so important to plan early.ã?? If you do you have better opportunities whether itâ??s scholarships or other financial aid."

The Amarillo Area Foundation manages 103 scholarship funds.

Christina Coors Williams of the Foundation says, "The scholarship application procedures take time.ã?? I encourage students in their junior year to consider taking their ACT or SAT Tests this summer.ã?? If they donâ??t like their scores they can test again in the Fall."