Tri-State Fair security provides safe environment

With thousands of people flocking to the Tri-State Fair, security remains alert to ensure both fun and safety for everyone.

People of all ages and backgrounds seek a good time at the annual Tri-State Fair. But despite all the people who attend for the food and rides, there are those who attend with the intensions of starting trouble.

Lt. Dee Aduddell of the Potter County Sheriff's Department has been working the fair for more than 20 years, and, according to him, the fair troubles have remained the same; the only thing that has changed has been the faces of the people causing it.

"They'll come out here and gather up in the larger groups and start causing problems," he said. "We try to get control of that early. If it does get out of hand, we sometimes escort the individuals off the property and do not allow them back in."

Still, Lt. Aduddell has continued to state the fair is a safe place and the troubles that do come about are not major enough to keep families away.

"It's still a family-oriented event. We're not trying to to scare anyone off from coming out here. It's still a safe place to come and bring your family."

To add to the security of the Tri-State Fair is a missing children's booth. Children who get separated from their parents can go to the booth for help or parents can report to the booth and volunteers will help them locate their children in the crowd.

Cpt. Andy Butt of Potter County Fire Rescue has worked the fair for three years, and he said the number of lost children has been about the same every year.

"We average about 50 to 55 kids a year here at the fair," he said.

There is bound to be trouble at any large event, but with a cool head and good intentions, one's night can remain fun and safe.

Round up the kids, family and friends and head out to the Tri-State Fair for some safe family fun!...and food!