Tri-State Fair fried food frenzy

The Tri-State Fair is going strong now, and one of those strengths is the food.

Everyone seems to forget the diet so they can treat themselves to some pretty interesting food.

There's just something about the fair that gets people buzzing every year.

Whether you get geared up for the rodeo, the rides, or the games, the fair has something for everyone, but what I got into today was the food.

"It's fried, it's fattening and it's stuff we don't do at home, most of it," said long time fairgoer, Janet Williams.

The dish that had Williams gushing was the Indian Fried Bread.

"The fried bread's totally different to me and then they pile it on with beans, hamburger meat and it's really good."

While some enjoy the exotic and crazy combinations, others, like myself, just like to stick to the classics.

"I don't know, I think people just like to get out and eat all the unhealthy stuff, the greasy stuff, you know it's not good for you but you just take the plunge and eat some junk for a while. I guess the worst thing we eat is the funnel cake which is not really exotic it's just a tradition we come out here and get every year," said Stefanie Redwine.

The defending dessert champion from last year is the deep fried Snickers Bar.

"We do the candy bars we do the fried Snickers, we do the Milky Ways, the Twinkies and Ding Dongs, and it's funny people think y'all fry everything? Yeah we do, we'll fry anything," said Corina Delgado, long time fried food vendor.

Delgado says the fried Snickers is their number one seller and this year they have added a new item to the menu, fried Zero Bars.

Delgado works in the lab at Northwest Texas Hospital, and says she takes two weeks off every year to come out and do the fair, and she says one of her favorite things is seeing all the kids.