Tri-State Fair fires up

F rom fried foods, games, rides and exhibits , and everything the rodeo has to offer , all things that draws thousands to Amarillo.

S aturday we stumbled upon the Great American Spam Contest.

SPAM has been around for years and there is an infinite number of ways you can prepare it , today a group of judges tasted a number of those cooking methods.

"W e based it on appearance, taste and easiness to prepare for their age ," said contest judge, Jeannette Raef.

T he oldest the cooks could be was merely 17, which is not even half the number of years that Mateel Brown has been volunteering at the fair.

"I love to see the people and all the entries and I just love it."

S he says the people are what keep her coming back every year.

"W ell because I love it, and after we get through with this, my husband and I will go down to the food line and we'll find something good to eat, then we'll go home, then we'll come back tomorrow."

R aef agrees with Brown that it's the people and the atmosphere that keeps her coming back every year as well.

"I just like to come out and help the organization, help the Tri State Fair you know and sometimes they have trouble getting judges and so I just like to come out and volunteer."

B oth say their favorite part of the fair is seeing the exhibits and what creative work citizens come up with, so if you don't already have plans to go the fair Raef says you should change your mind.

"E verybody needs to come out and enjoy "

T he fair opened Friday night and will here for your enjoying until next Saturday.

T hey are open Monday through Friday 4pm-Midnight, Saturdays Noon-Midnight and Sundays 1pm-Midnight.