Traveling library in Lakeview Elementary area

Educational learning is lost during the summer months when students are not engaged in reading. It's something an Amarillo woman said she noticed while volunteering at Lakeview Elementary. So she created a book mobile.

Georgie Cornelsen created the book mobile four years ago after noticing students were behind on their reading after returning from Summer break. Pronews 7 is featuring her good deed in this week's Region 16 Spotlight on Education.

From the outside it looks like your typical van. But open the doors to the van, and you're taken inside a mobile library. Georgie Cornelsen created this book mobile herself, equipped with book shelves and hundreds of books.

"It works just like a library. I go by once a week and they check out two books and then I come back on the same day the next week and they check out two more," said Cornelsen.

Georgie drives around the Lakeview Elementary area giving 64 kids the chance to check out those books to read over the summer break, many whose parents don't have the means to drive them to the library.

"Parents may only have one car and it goes with the parent that's working during the day. Or even gas money can sometimes become an issue. So they weren't getting the books a lot don't have books in their homes so they weren't reading during the summer."

For eighth grader Kaylee Buck, she said she's grateful for the book mobile.

"I really enjoy it because actually we don't get to get to the library a lot because gas is so expensive it's kind of hard. Plus, with these two and I think the book mobile is a lot easier to handle and plus there's more books for more people," said Buck.

Georgie said she named the book mobile, Mission 430 which stands for the basic needs.

"Mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally, and we meet those needs three ways through the home, school, and community. for one purpose and that's to build relationships," said Cornelsen.

Georgie said she's always looking for book and gas card donations, it cost about $500 from the first week of June to the last of July to run the operation. You can drop those donations off at Lakeview Elementary.