Transmission lines over Palo Duro Canyon?

If you are from the Panhandle you have probably enjoyed the beauty of Palo Duro Canyon at least once, but now that scenic view is being threatened.

Sharyland Utilities, a Dallas based utility company, is proposing to build two transmission line routes that cut straight across the northern tip of the Canyon.

The lines would be constructed as part of a competitive renewable energy zone, and would cover an eight mile stretch, but here is the kicker, the energy won't even go to the Panhandle it will be sent back to the Dallas Ft. Worth area.

Protect North Palo Duro Canyon or P.N.P.D.C is not happy with this agenda and is has started a petition to stop it.

A concerned citizen Greg Dodson told ProNews 7, " The petition will allow us to state our views to the Public Utilities Commission. We need everybody to sign because I think the Public Utilities Commission will listen."

To sign the petition click here.