Traffic speeds up for the holiday

Historically, the busiest travel days are the day before and the Sunday following Thanksgiving, said the Texas Department of Public Transportation, and this holiday was no different.

"We left this morning, like around ten from Albuquerque New Mexico. It's been pretty good actually. I'm surprised," said Jessica Smith Holiday Traveler. "Here was much worse than going out though. I think it's because we left today rather than tomorrow."

Texas Highways Magazine said that 48 percent of Texans said, "yes" they do travel for Thanksgiving.

Among those, 92 percent said they will be traveling by car.

"The only thing I noticed is people on their cell phones. In California it's against the law," said Sam Kamler Holiday Traveler. "But boy they're just constantly on their phones."

With so many people on the road TxDOT offered travel tips for the holiday that include,

· Pay attention

· Buckle seatbelts

· Put phone away

· Left lane for passing only

· Never drink and drive

· Obey all traffic laws

For some travelers, being on the road year after year has helped then gain some knowledge of their own.

"We just try to talk to each other and stay awake and be attentive and try not to text, or fiddle with the radio," said Preston Smith.

"Stay the speed limit, stop pulling in and out like crazy and stay off the phone," said Sam Kamler.

Last year there were 848 serious injuries and 26 deaths from traffic crashes that occurred during the thanksgiving holiday. Though it has already come and gone, Christmas is just around the corner. Holiday traveling can be dangerous, but doesn't have to be.

For more holiday traveling information and safety tips from TxDOT click, here.