Toy 'Doggie Doo' takes a poo

Looking for the hottest new toy for your kids for Christmas? How about a toy dog that defecates on command?

Not real poo, of course. This children's game and toy dog, Doggie Doo, can be fed plasticince only to be pooed out (with sound effects) when you squeeze his leash. As strange as it sounds, the Toy Retailers Association has predicted that this pooping pooch will be one of the hottest children's toys to be bought this holiday season. There were a few less abnormal toys on the TRA's dream toy list like Elmo, Fireman Sam and a Nerf gun.

If you have an issue with buying a pooping toy dog for your kids, just look at it this way -- maybe it'll teach them to clean up their messes. And hey, at least you don't have to feed, water or walk this one. You can get a real dog for that.