Town Square Village in flames

Fire officials say the cause of the Town Square fire is now under investigation.

Fire officials say the cause of the Town Square fire is now under investigation.

The Pronews 7 crew on scene received reports of welders working on-site Monday.

Fire officials said firefighters planned a "defense attack" against the fire because of the proximity of the two buildings directly east and south of it. According to AFD, the building is a complete loss. Police on scene said another major concern were onlookers. APD blocked the west entrance at Hillside and Soncy, but onlookers were crossing the street, and even coming from the west side of the building. Police said at one point they were blocking the entrance for emergency crews.

Charlie Clabber, one of the first witnesses on scene, said workers were running from inside the building, trying to save as much of their equipment as possible. "It all just happened so fast," Clobbers said. "The fire, I mean, was impressive, sad but impressive just because how fast it burned that building to the ground."

The developer of the project, Williams Group, released a statement:

"A fire has destroyed one of our four mixed-use buildings at Town Square. While this is tragic, we are grateful that no one has been injured. We want to express our appreciation to the Amarillo Fire and Police departments. These men and women are truly professionals.

We don't want to speculate as to the cause of the fire. We will have more information after the fire marshal has completed their review.

While this is a setback, it is only temporary. We remain firm to our commitment to Amarillo. The Town Square project will continue as planned. We thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers."

Fire crews plan to remain on scene for a good portion of the night.

10:34 UPDATE: Fire crews remain on Scene of Town Square building Fire


7:04 pm UPDATE: Officials say the fire is now contained.


6:50 pm UPDATE: The 5-story structure has now collapsed.


Amarillo and Canyon firefighters are fighting a structure fire at Town Square Village along Soncy Road in southwest Amarillo.

The Pronews 7 team on scene reports firefighters are having trouble containing the fire that is consuming one of the 5-story buildings to the west of the property that is fully engulfed. They say flames are shooting through the roof and leaping about 20-30 feet high and a lot of smoke is billowing in the area.

They report firefighters are not only fighting the flames, but the congestion caused by onlookers.

Firefighters first responed to this fire shortly after 6pm Monday evening.

They are urging onlookers to stay clear of the scene.

Town Square Village is a multi-million dollar, multi-story development currently under construction. It is headed by the Williams Group.