Town Square Village development is well underway

Construction for the Town Square Village is progressing. This development is located at Hillside Road and Soncy Road and is the first of it's kind in Amarillo.

This project is headed by the Williams Group

Part one of the project is an estimated $11.8 million. This includes a multi use development.

Part two includes a multi story structure that will house apartments, shops and restaurants.


ow do businesses around the area feel about the

new changes?


t kind of all depends on what's going to be there

," said Kristen Autry, chocolatier at Schakolad Chocolate Factory.

Autry does think that it will be nice for the town to have something new.

Other businesses are welcoming the idea of the Town Square Village.


ore development will bring more business, especially in this area since we do have a lot... housing is building, neighborhoods are building. So it will bring more business in for everybody else," said Jennifer Jackson, hair stylist at Muze Hair Shop.


hey plan to expand north west for the next 10 to 15 years.