Town hall meeting informs residents of community plans

Commissioner, Mercy Murguia welcomed a few dozen people to a Potter County town hall meeting this evening.

The topics and guest speakers where chosen by the community based on their concerns.

Locals gathered at the Amarillo Community Center to get the scoop on the subjects of Grand Street Bridge, Property Appraisals, and Emergency Preparedness.

Murguia said, "This is a quarterly town meeting that we hold for the constituents in precinct two, but really it's open to the entire public. Traditionally, we hold these town hall meetings with an educational platform."

TXDOT representative, Randy Hochstein provided attendees with an update in regards to the construction of the bridge.

Hochstein says TXDOT is hoping to have that finished by the end of July, 2013.

Concerned citizen, Larry Touchon said, "We avoid those railroad tracks that we've all had to wait so many hours to get across, so we're quite concerned about that."

Potter-Randall Appraisal District representative, Jim Childers spoke on how your property is appraised, while many concerned citizens listened intently to get an understanding of why taxes increase as home values do.

From the Emergency Operations Center, Maribel Martinez made sure people were up to date on all aspects of emergency preparedness, like what to do in case of a tornado or a fire.

For example, the County Court House basement is always available in case a storm shelter is unavailable.

Those in attendance thanked Murguia for putting together meetings like this.

Touchon said, "That's about the most important thing is that this community is drawn together because of her. She's an outstanding lady. We appreciate her so much."

Murguia said these meetings really benefit the community, because she is able to see their concerns, and they can also take away valuable information.