Town Hall Meeting for Canyon Charter Amendment Election

The City of Canyon is holding a town hall meeting Tuesday for the Charter Amendment Election.

Election is May 11th.

There are 22 amendments on the ballot that will bring the current city charter in line with how the city is currently doing business.

The city is following state rules but the charter hasnâ??t been updated for several years.

The election over the language of the charter and spells out specifically what the city can and cannot do.

Gretchen Mercer, City Secretary, says, "Itâ??s very important for people to come tonight so they can know what theyâ??re voting on.ã?? Their voice tells us how they want their city run.ã?? If they see something they donâ??t like, itâ??s their chance to say they donâ??t agree with that and theyâ??re not going to vote for that.

The meeting starts at 5:30pm tonight at Canyon City Hall.