Top news stories that you viewed on our website

We posted them. And you liked it. We looked up the top ten stories of 2012 that you all at home have viewed on our website.

At number 10 is the 21-year-old, West Texas A&M University cheerleader that was killed in a train crash on September 25th.

Our number nine story of 2012 is the Perryton man that was arrested after making threats to commit an offense similar to the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School. According to police, 30-year-old Dustin Mack called his mother and threatened to make both the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut and Aurora movie theater look small.

At number eight is the death of the Amarillo lawyer that was killed when a vehicle struck him while he was riding his bicycle.

Next up, we have Amarillo's very own Hoarder that lived in Filth.

Coming in at number six is the three Union Pacific railroad crew members that were missing after two freight trains collided in the Oklahoma Panhandle.

At number five is the roaring noise that had Panhandle residents worried back in February.

Our number four story is the effects that Daylights saving time had on people throughout the Panhandle.

Next up, we have the airport employee that found $10,000. The woman worked at Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport when she stumbled upon the money in a purse with no identification of any kind. After much debate, she was able to split the money with the city of Amarillo and keep half of the findings.

Our number two story is the father of an Amarillo Runaway that gained worldwide attention using social media. After his 17-year-old daughter, Haley Wilson ran away, he used the power of social media to help find her. Haley disappeared the day after Christmas in 2011. He posted to his Facebook and Twitter about her disappearance. He also created a video that went viral. Luckily Haley was later found in California.

Finally, the number one story that you all at home viewed this year was the hail that shut down highways across the Panhandle, including US 287.