Top fall finds to fill you up!

Halloween has come and gone but that doesn't mean you should quit buying pumpkins! T

hey are fiber-filled and are also high in vitamin
A, which can help boost immunity in time for flu season. Pumpkin puree can be added to almost any bread you bake or muffin you make.


paghetti squash is a tasty food to try

, which also makes a great pasta substitute.


ale, is
a top fall produce pick, and is trending in whole food stores all across the country. Kale can actually survive a snow storm and is rich in vitamins and low in calories. Ever heard of kale chips? They're delicious, so easy to make and a hearty potato chip replacement! All that is needed it kale ripped into pieces, sprinkle a little olive oil and sea salt on top and bake in low heat on top of a cookie sheet until crispy. Trust me, you'll like it!

Also big this season on the nutrition list


-sweet potatoes