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      Tired or Late? Daylight Saving Time

      C locks sprung forward Sunday morning at 2:00 am standard time and many people had a hard time getting places on time, especially church.

      " I could tell in our first service that people were sleeping in and with the spring break I think the people took the opportunity to sleep in this morning," said Sarah Norris of First Baptist Church.

      S o what is the point of daylight saving anyway?

      " O riginally it was started to save on lighting load ," said Wes Reeves, Xcel Energy spokesperson. "I think the history of it goes back to World War II era when we were trying to conserve."

      R eeves says Xcel Energy does not track the changes because they are hard to detect and really do not make much of a difference.

      He gives some tips to help make your home more energy efficient. Reeves says to put weather stripping under windows and doors to keep heat in.

      O pen windows to let the air flow and use ceiling fans when it starts to get a little warmer outside .

      He also says many of us have trouble regulating our thermostats and should keep the temperature around 68 degrees in the winter and 72 in the summer.

      Doing these simple things can reduce your electric bill five to 10 percent.

      D ayligh t saving will end the first Sunday in November.