Tipsy Tow Program offers free services to Amarillo residents

With New Yearâ??s Eve just around the corner and many plans already set, you might be in need of a designated driver.

This year, finding one won't be hard.

Whether it's a toast with Champaign, or a glass of wine, The New Yearâ??s Eve holiday is typically celebrated with alcohol.

Once again, the Tipsy Tow Program is making sure you get home safe.

"Just highway heroes helping people not drink and drive," said Ricky Cantu Rickyâ??s Towing CEO. "We know that New Year â??s Eve is a big event for drinking and we want to keep people safe, keep them from ruining somebody's life or their own."

AAA Texas and Rickyâ??s Towing of Amarillo have partnered to keep the roads safe this New Yearâ??s Eve and have been doing so for the past 6 years.

"A couple of Triple A providers team up together for a free cost to the public to tow them and their vehicle so that they get home safe and don't have an accident drinking and driving," said Cantu.

Rickyâ??s will tow you and your vehicle up to 10 miles free of charge beginning at 6 p.m. on New Yearâ??s Eve until 6a.m. New Yearâ??s Day.

The only rule the service has is that you must be headed to a destination where you will stay for the remainder of the night.

"If you feel like using the program, please do so, it's there for you and everybody else that's out on the roadway. It sure could save you a lot of money of you ended up with a DWI," said Cantu.

So on the holiday that is dedicated to a fresh start, the Tipsy Tow Program wants you to play it safe and give them a call.

You can reach a Tipsy Tow dispatcher at (800) 222-4357.

AAA Texas said you do not have to be a member to participate in the program, it is a service dedicated to keeping everyone safe this holiday.