Tips to Destress

April is stress awareness month. Why should you care? Because stress is a major factor in such conditions as heart problems, diabetes, even infertility. So how do you know when you are over stressed and what can you do?

Let's face it. Unless you live in a cave, you can't avoid stress. It's everywhere. but sometimes, major stressful events such as the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, can mount up and begin to affect your health. How can you tell if you are really stressed out?


ccording to the


, these signs could mean you need to step back and deal with your stress



f you are tense, irritable and it affects your day to day interactions with people

- If you have fear or anxiety about the future

- If you have difficulty making decisions

- You have frequent nightmares

- Or sleeplessness

- Or you feel powerless


octors will tell you there are things you can do to cut down on your stress.



ry to avoid drugs and alcohol. They make you feel good at the time, but they can be a dangerous crutch.



ind support

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alk to a friend, counselor, clergy person, even a doctor.

- Get out and be with friends. Having fun and laughing can really de-stress a person.

- Finally, be good to yourself, that means exercise. Try to get six to eight hours of sleep, eat healthy and always keep your mind active.