Tips for Amarillo drivers during winter months

Amarillo officials are preparing for the worst this winter when it comes to road conditions, but there's a lot of tip drivers can follow to help keep roads safe.


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Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is introducing a new program called Winter Safe. The department studied highways including I-27 and I-40 during holiday travels and broke down some of the major precautions drivers should take before they hit the road.


he program looks at how drivers should prepare their vehicles, the importance of carrying a
traveling kit and tips for driving in icy conditions.

Paul Braun with TxDOT said, "I-40, I-27, U.S. 87, U.S 287 and a lot of the state highways are go-through for people coming through here during their holiday travels. These are roadways that we take extra emphasis to make sure they stay clear so we can keep them open and as safe as possible for travelers."

Some tips from the departments newest program include: "Make sure you have some warm clothing, make sure you have what we call a winter-survival kit" Braun said. "Also while you're driving, do not use cruise control."

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County Sheriff's Department also sent out a text alert, and says speed is still one of its major concerns for in-town drivers this winter.


ust because the speed limit says 70 doesn't mean you have to go 70

." Sheriff Brian Thomas said.


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ou have to adjust with the road conditions."