Thousands of student prepare for their last "first" day

Thousands of area students woke up to their final "first day" ever in high school on Monday.

For most, it's an exciting time with dreams of the last day and the start of their rest of their lives.

It's just before 7 o'clock and the sun has topped the horizon. It's the last first day for area seniors, and Angel Garcia is busy getting ready to finish out his secondary education.

He says to him, today is just another start of a school year but these first days always give him a chance to catch up with friends.

"See my friends, I personally like school because I always liked school school, feels like it's where I always belonged and it's where I like to be," said Angel.

He says he will miss those friends once he graduates, but won't miss the people who always dress up nice on the first day.

"People who dress really nice, it bugs me cause I don't like to dress up that nice," he adds with a laugh.

Angel and his younger brother are given a ride to Palo Duro by his buddy Brandon, and the beginning of the end is right down the road.

"When I think about it, I've always been the kind who persevered through anything so I figure, I'll make it."

They arrive with a couple minutes to spare and Angel knows a year from now, he'll be pursuing other dreams of education...after he finished up his senior year.

As for his future endeavors, Angel says he hopes once he graduates he'll make his way to Columbia College in Chicago and sharpen his talents in the liberal arts.