Thornberry reacts to FBI director's firing

Representative Mac Thornberry talks about FBI Director James Comey's firing. (By: Steve Douglass, KVII)

ABC 7 sat down with Representative Mac Thornberry while he was in Amarillo on Wednesday, He reacts to FBI Director James Comey’s termination and gives his advice to the president.

Thornberry said the timing and circumstances of Comey’s firing leaves a lot of questions. Thornberry wasn't shocked the president fired Comey.

“Mr. Comey got a lot of criticism from the Republicans and Democrats about how he's handled the investigations over the past year,” said Thornberry,

Yet he said the investigation into trump's ties to Russia won't stop just because Comey's gone.

“The investigation has go to continue and there are investigations in both the House and the Senate and the FBI,” said Thornberry. “I have a lot of confidence in the professionals at the FBI. They are going to press ahead and do the right thing. Not get caught up in the hysteria of either side or political pressure from either side."

He wants one qualification to be a priority for Comey's replacement:

“It needs to be someone with impeccable credentials that has widespread trust,” he said.

Thornberry said Congress has to stop the gridlock as the FBI transitions leaders and must continue to settle the country's pressing problems. He said while Trump has worked to bring Republicans and Democrats together, he offers this advice to better build relationships:

“He's been willing to get involved and I appreciate that,” he said. “The difficulty is sometimes there are tweets or other things coming out of the White House that undermined that effort. So maybe a little more discipline would be helpful in getting some of these issues cross the finish line.”

Thornberry suspects there will be more details on Comey's termination available soon.

Thornberry said he plans to focus on building the military and tax reform when he gets back to Washington D.C.

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