Thornberry disappointed by government shutdown outcome

Area Congressman Mac Thornberry says the government shutdown was intense in Congress "There were big issues at stake. Iâ??m disappointed where we are now because weâ??ve just kicked the can down the road and three or four months from now weâ??re going to have the same issues again."

That means the danger of federal furloughs at Pantex and Bell Helicopter may resurface.

Thornberry says he thinks itâ??s important for national security assets to be beyond political differences.

He suggest the Senate take up a bill passed by the House that would make the nuclear weapons complex immune to government shutdown effects.

In terms of the fracture within the Republican party, Thornberry says, "Weâ??ve got to do some soul searching about how we can be effective going ahead. If Republicans are divided President Obamaâ??s position will win everything."