The wild west returns to the Panhandle

From chasing outlaws out of town to the legendary showdown at the OK Corral, cowboys shoot outs always get your adrenaline pumping.

Now you have a chance to experience that first-hand this week.

That's at the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association Tony Lama World Championships at the Amarillo National Center.

"Cowboy mounted shooting is a fast paced equestrian sport guns, horses, it's really exciting of course we don't use live ammunition because it's audience friendly," said CMSA Spokesperson, Annie Bianco.

The sport is similar to barrel racing, but with an exciting twist.

"You're shooting balloon targets; the burning embers in your gun actually pop the balloons and the balloons five second penalty if you miss one. So the object of the sports is to go out there shoot fast but shoot clean, don't miss any targets."

Riders use single action 45's but they shoot blanks.

It started at nine o'clock Tuesday morning and will continue through Saturday with the big event coming Friday night at seven.

They will be showcasing all the top performers from multiple categories, including rifle and main shooters.

"What's most exciting about our sport again, it's a times event, it's you, it's against the clock but it's family, so you're going to see people of all ages. You're going to see kids out here, you're going to see parents, you're going to see grandparents and they're all going for those world championship buckles and lots of cash."

The grand prize pays out more than $100,000 and there of course is the coveted championship buckle so...

"Come check out some fast paced equestrian sports."

This Tony Lama World Championship is the richest mounted shooting event in the world, and it's held right here in Amarillo.

Bianco says you won't want to miss the excitement of Friday night's showcase.