The Waiting Child: Zakary

There's plenty of Panhandle kids out there looking for a big brother or sister to take them along on new adventures. Each week, we here at Pronews 7 introduce you to a waiting child. This week's Waiting Child is 10-year old Zakary.

Zakary just finished up his last year at Gene Howe Elementary and is moving on to the big leagues at Greenways Intermediate. Something he said, he's excited about.

"I'm kind of excited How come? Because it's a bigger school and a lot more to play on".

Zakary said some of his favorite things to do are to play video games, with Grand Theft Auto being his favorite game. He also enjoys jumping on his trampoline. But he also has a hidden talent of making wooden crosses with a friend.

"Well me and Bobby we like to make crosses out of wood and paint them and all that and we're going to sell them on Facebook soon".

That's something he says he'd like to do with a big brother as well, and other fun things like play video games and go to the movies. But you also have to possess some good qualities. "I want him to be nice, and someone who likes kids. And someone that likes doing stuff".

Just from the time Pronews 7's Lindsey Stiner spent with him, she said, Zakary is a sweet kid, who's outgoing and has a personality that really shines.

If you would like to be a big brother to Zakary or just volunteer with the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization, give them a call at 351-2210.