The Waiting Child recap

There are dozens of Panhandle kids waiting to be matched with a big brother or sister. But the organization needs volunteers. We're featuring some of those kids in this week's Waiting Child.

Twins Jamar and Lamar are nine-years old and about to start their fourth grade year at Avondale Elementary. They say they enjoy having each other around for company.

"Fun I guess. It's fun how come? Cause we get to wear the same stuff," said Lamar. While they may be brothers, they're looking for an older male figure they can hang out with and learn from.

"Play games, play baseball and play football," said Jamar. "So we can play sports and video games," said Lamar. But these brothers don't see eye-to-eye on the same football team. Lamar favors the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers, while Jamar like the New York Giants. But they do agree on what they want in a big brother.

"If he can be nice and athletic," said Lamar.

10-year old Zakary is moving on to the big leagues, leaving elementary to start his first year at the Greenways. "I'm kind of excited. How come? Because it's a bigger school and a lot more to play on," said Zakary.

He likes to play video games, jump on the trampoline and enjoys making wooden crosses. Things he says he'd like to do with a big brother. "I want him to be nice, and someone who likes kids and someone that likes doing stuff".

If you would like to be a big brother or sister to these three or any other kid waiting to be matched, call the organization at 351-2210.