The Waiting Child Nicolette

There are dozens of kids waiting to be matched in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Every Tuesday night, Pronews 7 introduces you to some of those. Second grader Nicolette is this week's waiting child. She's now into her second week at Bivins Elementary. She says she's waiting on a big sister like you to come forward and volunteer to be her mentor.

It's safe to say most second graders are a little on the shy side, but Nicolette is as sweet and outgoing as they come. She has a love for music, running, swimming, and watching her favorite TV show.

"I also like to watch TV. Really, what's your favorite cartoon? Mostly I watch Spongebob. It's funny huh? Do you like Patrick or Spongebob more? Spongebob. He's the main character and he's funny," said Nicolette.

But that's not all she likes. "I like to color a lot. What's your favorite color? Blue... baby blue!"

When it comes to being her big sister, she says she has a few requirements. "I would like her to be really nice. What other things? And someone that like the way I am. I would like if she likes dogs like I do."

For anyone interested in being Nicolette's big sister, she has this message for you.

"I really like to see if she could come and see that I'm really cute."

If you would like to volunteer to be Nicolette's big sister, or volunteer has a big brother, call the organization at 351-2210.