The Waiting Child: Moulid

This week's Waiting child is Moulid. He's like dozens of kids in our area just looking for a big brother of sister to share some down time with. Moulid just completed his fifth grade year at Eastridge Elementary. He's looking for a big brother to spend some extra time with this summer. Moulid is just your typical kid who loves to spend his time outdoors, soaking in the sun and playing a little basketball.

"Basketball, and riding bikes, yeah," said Moulid. And for a big brother, you better be ready to cheer on the Chicago Bulls, his favorite team. "They've got my favorite player. Who's that? Derek Rose."

Other qualities he's looking for in a big brother is someone he can talk with, bond with and guide him through decisions and peer pressure.

"I want someone really nice. And what kind of things would you like to do with your big brother? Go to the YMCA and play basketball over there." Get ready for Moulid to keep count of that score, because his favorite subject in school is Math.

If you're interested in becoming a Big Brother Big Sister, call the organization and get involved at 351-2210.