The Waiting Child: Kyler

With it being summer time, more kids are out and about trying to fill those lazy days with fun activities. Many, needing a big brother or sister to do those things with. That's where the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization comes into play. It's been in Amarillo since 1961, matching littles with bigs. Right now the organization is looking for volunteers to mentor youngsters in our area like 14-year old Kyler. He's this week's Waiting Child.

Kyler is coming up on a milestone. This fall, he'll start his freshman year at Randall High School. Something he says isn't intimating, but exciting.

"Because it's going to be different in high school and then I'll be driving in two years," said Kyler.

If you're interested in being a big brother to Kyler, get ready to be active. He's an athlete at heart. "I like playing basketball, skateboarding, and sometimes football".

But basketball is where his heart lies. Telling me he plans on trying out for the team this year. The person who inspired him, easily one of the greats, Michael Jordan. "I like basketball because my inspiration is Michael Jordan because he played as a kid he inspired me to play so I could be as good as he was one day".

So why is Kyler looking for a big brother? "I feel like I need one to like, so I can do stuff with and not have a little brother to bug me around". Kyler says he wants a big brother willing to play a little one-on-one, skate, and go see movies with. If you're interested in volunteering give Big Brothers Big Sisters a call at 351-2210.