The Waiting Child: Jamariyon and Sarinity

Just a few short weeks and kids will be out of school to celebrate the fun summer months. But for those who don't have a Big Brother Big Sister, those months can be lonely. Jamariyon and Sarinity are a brother sister duo. While they love each other very much, as brother and sisters are suppose to, they'd each like to have Big Brother Big Sister they can do fun stuff with.

Jamariyon is seven years old and goes to Emerson Elementary. But he's not your typical seven year old, he's a comedian in the making. A contagious smile and humor that makes all around him laugh. He's also a good student, his favorite thing to do at school is anything dealing with computers.

"My favorite subject is computers because I'm really smart at computers. Like all my friends always need my help to get on the computer, unlock the codes and all of that," said Jamariyon.

When it comes to a Big Brother, he has a few requirements.

"This is one thing I want to know about my big brother if he likes video games because that's my favorite subject, well, not my favorite subject, but my favorite thing to do".

His favorite game is Call of Duty, Black Ops. But his big also has to have a hunger for life. "I'd like to go out to eat with them"!

Sarinity is 12-years old and goes to Johnny Allen Middle School. She's a little shy when you first meet her, but just like her brother, has a contagious smile as well. According to her mom, she's a very bright young lady excelling in her academics. In fact, she wants to be a judge and attend Harvard. She too has requirements for her Big Sister.

"I like to go to the movies and I like ice cream! Well I don't have a big sister, I'm the oldest so I would have someone to talk like about things I can't talk to my mom about," said Sarinity.

But until a big steps forward, both these amazing kids will just have to wait. To find out how you can become a big, call Big Brothers Big Sisters at 351-2210, or click here.