The Waiting Child: Jamarion

Every Tuesday Pronews 7 features a child waiting for a match in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. This week, we're spotlighting Jamarion. Jamarion is in second grade at Emerson Elementary. A lively spirit that's been waiting to be matched with a big since the beginning of summer.

A comedian, Jamarion likes to make people laugh. He also enjoys recess which involves another favorite thing of his, playing. Immediately he knew exactly what he wants to do when he gets matched with a big brother.

"Video games, movies, restaurants, playing a whole lot, staying up past our curfew, and having a good time and pulling pranks on my sister and her big sister," said Jamarion.

His big sister is 12-years old and says he enjoys picking on her a little bit, like any little brother would. When asked why someone should volunteer to be his big, he had an answer ready to go.

"The reason you can volunteer for me is because well we could have a good time, like we could have some fun, watch movies, play video games and just laugh."

The Big Brothers Big Sisters program is always looking for volunteers, especially males. You can call them at 351-2210 to do just that.