The Waiting Child: Jamar

If you're looking for something to fill your time, why not volunteer to be a big brother or big sister? The organization is looking for people just like you to fill those shoes. There are dozens of kids still waiting to get a match in the Big Brother Big Sister program. Nine-year old Jamar is one of those who's looking for a mentor. He's this week's Waiting Child.

Jamar is nine-years old, active and full of energy. "Play games, play baseball, and play football," said Jamar.

But Jamar also is not your typical kid, because he loves school and can't wait to start his fourth grade year at Avondale Elementary.

"So I can learn more. Do you have a favorite subject? Math, because I like adding up things," said Jamar.

Even though Jamar has a twin brother named Lamar, he's looking for a big brother that can be a mentor and teach him the ways of the world.

"Someone that can play video games with me and sports". His favorite sport is football, and get ready to cheer on his favorite sports team, the New York Giants. If you would like to volunteer to be a big brother to Jamar, call Big Brother Big Sister organization at 351-2210.