The Waiting Child: Brian

Every Tuesday Pronews 7 introduces you to a child waiting to be matched with a mentor in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. This week, meet seven year-old Brian.

Brian is an outgoing second grader at Emerson Elementary. A typical kid, who loves to laugh. He's looking for a big brother to volunteer their time to eat lunch with him at school and may be spend a few afternoons playing sports. Brian is also a very happy little boy, who couldn't stop smiling. He told Pronews 7's Lindsey Stiner he's excited to find a big brother and he's happy to be at school, with Math and Recess being the highlights of his day.

"What's been your favorite thing about school?," asked Lindsey Stiner. "Recess," said Brian. "Why recess? Cause you get to play basketball." 4:21"I like to do Math and to switch in different classes."

When asked what he likes to spend his time doing, he had a long list.

"I like to go to church and go to bible study and play games and video games." All things he'd like to do with a big brother.

"Play games with him, ride bikes together, and go on road trips."

The Big Brothers Big Sisters organization is always in need of volunteers. If you would like to do just that, call them Monday through Friday during regular business hours 351-2210.