The Waiting Child: Breenan

In this Tuesday's Waiting Child, Pronews 7 is introducing you to 10-year old Breenan, who's been waiting to be matched for almost two years. Breenan and his twin brother, who you met last week, have been waiting for some time to be matched with a big brother. That's why the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization is in critical need for male volunteers to step forward and be a big brother.

Going into the fourth grade, Breenan says he's excited to start a new year. As far as what things he likes to do, there's a long list so any big brother would be able to keep him occupied easily.

"I like to play basketball, soccer and race go karts," said Breenan.

Also add in swimming and playing miniature golf. He also enjoys watching sports with the Pittsburgh Steelers being his favorite football team and the Miami Heat being his favorite basketball team. He also said he's just looking to have fun.

"Someone that I can go to Mr. Gatti's with and have fun with them". That fun side showed up during the interview. Breenan has a fun sense of humor that kept Pronews 7's Lindsey Stiner laughing when she asked Breenan why he wanted a big brother.

"Hang out with a bro, bro. Somebody who can show you things huh? Yeah!" Breenan also said he loves the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization and you should volunteer to hang out. "Because this is a good place. You can look up to somebody that you don't know and get along with them."

To learn how you can volunteer to be a big brother or sister, call the organization at 351-2210.