The snow means a mess for some, good business for others

The snow storm created difficulty for most people, but this can be a good time of year for businesses.

Cornelsen Auto Repair Service has seen an increase in cars coming through their shop the past few weeks. They said this is a yearly trend.

Batteries not starting, tires, heating systems are common problems people have, according to David Cornelson, owner and technician at Cornelsen Auto Repair Service.

Cornelsen said preventive measures such as oil changes are important.

"Be repetitious and loyal to the garage that you go to," Cornelsen said. "That way he can see his history of your car and can keep up to date recommendations on what the car. Each car has its quirk."

This time of year can also be busy for plumbers.

Scottco said they have received 37 calls for heater problems during this storm. They said calls about frozen pipes are common but there are a few other problems people run into as well.

"We actually get frozen drains, frozen p traps, commodes will freeze up because it's gotten cold. And obviously heat and air calls," said BJ Tijerina, plumbing supervisor at Scottco.

Tijerina said people should keep their cabinet doors open and heat up the pipes to prevent them from freezing.