The snow doesn't stand in the way of drivers

Drivers said they experienced few problems on the roads.

The snow may have blanketed the city, but that didn't stop residents from getting where they needed to go.

The Texas Department of Transportation and the City of Amarillo have been working to keep the roads clear of snow and ice.

Brooks Boyett, an Amarillo resident, said he had little trouble dropping of his children at school. "I drove down I-40 earlier and it was pretty clear. You could see the pavement and take it slow," Boyett said.

He said the freeways were in better shape than some of the roads in the city.

Elliot Ford, an Amarillo resident, said traveling early in the morning is difficult because the snow is still fresh. "But as far as the freeways, I've noticed it seems to be a little bit less snow but you can pick up the speed just a little bit," Ford said.

TxDOT receives $25 to 30 million a year for their maintenance budget. This includes the equipment, materials and salaries to maintain Interstate 27 and Interstate 40.

Paul Braun, TxDOT spokesman said they have been treating the freeways with traction material, and plowing.

"Because it's so cold the de-icing material doesn't work and isn't taking into effect. All we can do at this point â?¦put down the traction material and then when the weather warms up, we can start getting the rest of the cleanup," Braun said.

The City said there are certain roads they work to clear first.

"We first focus with the hospital area, the arterial streets then the downtown businesses are after that," said Chris Mitchell, street superintendent for the City of Amarillo.

The City said they have used about 600 tons of a salt and sand mixture for this snow storm alone. This is only 35 percent of the amount of materials they have.