The Santa Fe Railroad Museum hits a road block

Financial disclosure of the Santa Fe Railroad Museum Foundation has been brought in several meetings.

Walter Wolfram, president of the Santa Fe Railroad Museum Foundation confirmed that the foundation has disbanded.

The foundation is in the process of an audit regarding the money that was given by Potter County.

In 2006, Potter County started giving $50,000 to the Santa Fe Railroad Museum Foundation. The foundation was to use that money, along with private monetary and artifact donations to build the Santa Fe Railroad Museum.

The location of the museum changed from the Santa Fe Building, to the Santa Fe Depot.

It's been almost seven years and there is still no museum.

"I think the museum kind of decided 'we've kind of reached the end of the road. There's not really much more we can do with it and I think we just want to turn it over back to the county,'" said David Kemp, first assistant county attorney.

At the Potter County commissioners court on December 23, Walter Wolfram, president of the foundation presented some financial documents, which according to Commissioner Mercy Murgia, were "partial at best."

Wolfram agreed to an audit at the last commissioners meeting.

Commissioner Murguia said the foundation disbanding does not affect the ongoing audit.

"The effect of them dissolving does not take away from the responsibility, in my opinion, of where those dollar amounts are," Murguia said.

"And the artifacts, as I understand them, per contract, will become property of Potter County, and so that will be a part of the next steps, should we receive formal communication that they have dissolved, of what to do with those artifacts," Murguia said.

Both Murguia and Kemp said the museum would have been a good addition to the community.

Kemp said the intentions of the questions and audit by the commissioners were to account for the expenditure of the money.

"We're fulfilling the obligation to monitor that, so that's all the intent was...[it was] I think to just say.. hey, we would really like a report," Kemp said.

The county auditor will present the full report at the next Potter County commissioners court meeting.