The Salvation Army's Angel Tree Program kicks off its distribution days

There is less than a week before Christmas and that means it's a busy time of year. For the Salvation Army, this is the peak of the season.

They kicked on the first of several distribution days for the annual Angel Tree Program.

"It's a lot of different community partners coming together and it's a very exciting time," said Major Harvey Johnson, core officer.

The toys and clothing items were donated and collected through various toy drives.

Volunteers have been working all week to gather and organize the gifts to prepare them for distribution.

Jim Chen said he volunteers because he wants to make sure the 400 families are able to enjoy Christmas.

"They're not going to have a Christmas unless caring people, like the volunteers and the people who buy the presentsâ?¦share the joy of Christmas," Chen said. "It just inspires me and I just want to give back to the community."

Idalia Murgia is a mother of three children who came to pick up toys. She said she is able to already imagine their faces on Christmas morning.

"They're going to be screaming, jumping up and down and all excited. Just saying thank you, Santa Claus," Murgia said.

Though the children won't thank her for the gifts, Murgia said she doesn't mind.

"[I] try not to cry in front of them, because you know, it's tough for them. But I'm trying to be strong for themâ?¦ [and to make] it a good Christmas for them," Murgia saidThe Salvation Army's Angel Tree Program kicks off the start of their distribution days