The Practicing Parent: GPS device tracks your child

AT&T Amber Alert GPS

If you're on social media you have probably seen the many posts of Hailey Owens, a 10 year-old who went missing Tuesday afternoon. Police say she was abducted from her front yard in Missouri. Her body was found hours later and a man has been jailed on suspicion of first-degree murder.

It's such a tragic story, and one that has this Practicing Parent worried.

What if your child was abducted? What do you do? How can you make your child safe?

There's a new a GPS device that keeps a virtual eye on your child at all times. It's exclusive to AT&T and it's called an Amber Alert GPS. It can keep an eye on your child 24/7.

"If your child accidently gets on the bus and they shouldn't have -- you'll know it... if they go home with someone you didn't anticipate -- you'll know it," AT&T Spokesperson Caleb Deerinwater said.

The GPS works by setting up what are called "zones" -- basically areas around your home, your child's friend's homes or their school or daycare. If they travel in or out of those zones, you get an automatic text message.

There's also something called "breadcrumbing" where the device leaves digital footprints.

"So if for some reason your kid should've been home and they haven't arrived you can look on your mobile device as well as the desktop and see specifically where your child was within the past 15 minutes," Deerinwater said.

In 15 minute increments you can see where the device has been. One of the most eye-opening options -- a sex offender database.

"There is a feature on this device that it pings your phone and sends you a text message anytime your child is within 500 feet of an address of a registered sex offender," Deerinwater said.

The Amber Alert GPS can also be used for elderly people who could wander away from home. You can even use it for teens to see how fast they're driving.

The device is available now only at AT&T. It costs $129.99 with a monthly fee of $10.

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Ted Garcia of KABB contributed to this story.