The Panhandle Spirit: Woody Guthrieâ??s Spirit in Pampa

In the back of the Woody Guthrie Folk Music Center in Pampa, a stage invites musicians to gather and celebrate the spirit of the folk music icon.

Mink Sinks is President of the Board of Directors. He says Guthrie understood the common man.

"Riding on top of that train, going somewhere they hope is a better place. Itâ??s going to take them out of the time theyâ??re in. Little do they know, itâ??s not."

He says Guthrie wasnâ??t afraid to say something about what was wrong with the world at that time.

Guthrie lived in Pampa from 1929 to 1936.

He worked at the old Harris Drug Store. Itâ??s now the Center.

It was co-founded by Thelma Bray.

She says, "the neat thing about Woodyâ??s songs, he told the history of American through the songs he wrote."