The Panhandle Spirit: Palo Duro Canyon keeps Quanah Parkerâ??s spirit

The Musical Drama, Texas, has something special this season.

The part of Quanah Parker is played by a great grandson of the Comanche Chief.

Benny Tahmahkera is a retired Marine who served two stints in Iraq.

He says heâ??s enjoyed working with Texas and also visiting with theatre-goers before the performance.

He is dressed in full regalia.

He says Palo Duro Canyon is a special place "Palo Duro Canyon is a very sacred place. We know our history here. We know what it did for our Comanche people."

Texas management appreciate the authenticity Tahmahkera brings to the role. Executive Director Kris Miller says, "Itâ??s important to us, if weâ??re going to tell a story, even fiction, it should reflect history."

Joe Ed Coffman owns the land where the Quanah Parker Trail Roadside Arrow sits for Randall County.

Heâ??s just released his new CD, Quanah Parker.

He also loves the canyon. "I believe the Canyon has a spirit. The Rocks, the trees, everythingâ??s alive down there."