The Panhandle Spirit: Lipscomb residents happy to be unincorporated

Lipscomb may be the county seat of Lipscomb County, but itâ??s not a town.

The unincorporated area is home to about 42 people according to the last census.

Folks say they like the way things are and want them to stay that way.

County offices are in the Courthouse, however.

Thatâ??s where Judge Willis Smith has worked since 1987.

He talks about how the railroad was originally going to go through Lipscomb in the 19th century, but then opted for Higgins. "That was the first section. Thatâ??s where they established Higgins and the railroad went to the Canadian River rather than Wolf Creek. But they built the courthouse anyway.

Lipscomb is in the middle of the county, after all.

The history of the area is kept in the Wolf Creek Heritage Museum.

Director Virginia Scott says "Our mission is to preserve the heritage of Lipscomb County."