The Panhandle Humane Society works to keep animals out of the cold

The cold weather has been rough on the Panhandle Humane Society.

They have been cleaning the kennels so the animals can have accesses to the outside as well as the inside.

While cleaning out the kennels is a common thing for the Humane Society, it becomes a little more difficult when the temperatures dip low.

Jena McFall, spokesperson for the Panhandle Humane Society said they cant spray the water to clean the kennels because the water will freeze.

She said they are doing the best to use shovels to clean the kennels as much as possible until the weather warms up.

McFall also said they are keeping the animals inside overnight.

"Our buildings are heated. So we just basically lock them on the inside... So they have the heat and the heat is not escaping so they can stay warm overnight," McFall said.