The Oscars in the panhandle

Sunday evening, 2012's best actors, actresses and films will be honored at this years Oscars.

As all of Hollywood gets glammed up for the night, how will people in the panhandle celebrate, and what films are they pulling for?

"I'm hoping Les Misérables, Life of Pi and Lincoln, really show up at the Oscars," said Roger Lindley Filmmaker- "But my personal favorite is probably Life of Pi."

"I think Life of Pi would be a good one," said Natalie Becerril.

"Occasionally I'll have a friend throw a party and we'll watch the whole thing," said Ashleigh Movie Goer. "I always just wish I has seen it so I would know if it was worthy of the award it was being put up for."

That seems to be the problem. Most of the nominated movies arrived in Amarillo late, and some didn't get to stay long.

Lindley, an Amarillo Film Director, sa


it all depends on the market in which we live. A production company sells a film to a distributor, who in turn sells it to a theater.

"The theater then makes a determination of where that film will screen. In Amarillo we have a limited amount of screens, they have to determine out of all the films they buy, what films are going to do the best in our market," said Lindley.

So we asked movie goers just what types films they like to see.

"scary movies, scary movies but also like funny movies," said Ally.

"I like to watch action movies, and scary, they excite me," said Bercerril

"Like super heroes, my favorite movie was, The Avengers," said Fred.

"Scary, definitely scary and horror movies," said Daxi.

While those types of movies may be popular in the panhandle, they didn't quite make Oscar's cut.